Activate Your Inner Energy

Embark on an extraordinary journey towards total freedom, unleashing your limitless potential and venturing into deep self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening…

Welcome to Healing Art of Awareness, a home for those on a quest for healing, truth, and transformation. My passion is to unveil the dormant mysteries that reside within every individual and embark on an exploration of consciousness. I bring teachings, practices, tools, and a wealth of knowledge from around the world that have the potential to not only serve humanity through healing but also guide it toward spiritual evolution.

In my practice, I interweave modern scientific understanding with the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions. This synthesis creates a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and soul. My goal is not only to provide momentary relief or improve well-being but, above all, to facilitate deep and lasting transformation on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. It is through this integrated work on all levels that real change in life can be achieved.

I extend a warm invitation to you—a seeker of truth and growth—to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Join our vibrant community and let us be your companions on this enthralling path towards deeper understanding, joy, and inner harmony. It’s time to break free from the constraints of limited consciousness and embrace the vast array of new possibilities that invigorate your body, heal your mind, and nourish your soul. Together, let’s unlock the extraordinary potential that resides within you and embrace a life brimming with transformation and fulfillment.

KAP Group Session by Anna Kaminska

The Age of Aquarius brings an opportunity to a deeper understanding of our spiritual essence. In this transformative era, we realize that our existence extends beyond the physical realm; within us dwells an inner spiritual essence bursting with power, wisdom, and boundless love. As we nurture this spiritual awareness, we begin to perceive a greater unity with the world, and feel the interconnectedness among all beings.

“Aquarian Age is the time when information previously considered secret and available for the select few becomes available for all. It is about change in consciousness found within each of us as we learn to bring forth and manifest powers that humanity always had”

Genevieve Lewis Paulson

Hi! My name is Anna Kaminska

I was born in Poland, where I completed my studies at the Faculty of Law, Administration, and Canon Law at the Catholic University of Lublin, earning a Master’s degree. I have been living in the United States for 18 years, currently residing in California, where I have been running a holistic practice called Healing Art of Awareness.

My greatest life passions are holistic healing and the exploration of human consciousness. During my numerous travels around the world, I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful teachers who opened my eyes to who we truly are and the incredible power that lies within us.

One of the prominent teachers who influenced my development was Venant Wong, the founder of KAP – Kundalini Activation Process. It was through him that my fascination with Kundalini energy and higher levels of consciousness began. Additionally, I also had the opportunity to study with Pi Villaraza, the founder of Inner Dance, and Dr. Sarah Jane, the founder of Spinal Energetics. From ancient esoteric teachings to modern research, I have dedicated the past few years to deepening my knowledge of Kundalini and non-dual states of consciousness.