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Training Outline

The training program offers a unique blend of my knowledge and expertise with KAP (Kundalini Activation Process), Inner Dance, Spinal Energetics and Matrix Energetics. Participants will delve into the realms of energy, anatomy, and personal transformation. This comprehensive training includes a combination of online course, hands-on sessions, and ongoing support and community.

Module 1: Foundations - Online Course

  1. Basic Body Anatomy
  2. Spine Anatomy
  3. The Wave
  4. Nervous System
  5. Subtle Energy Body
  6. Energy Channels and Chakras
  7. Kundalini
  8. Kundalini and Spiritual Awakening
  9. Music and Brain States 
  10. Playlist Creation
  11. Brain State Alteration with Music
  12. Touch
  1. Breathwork
  2. Recognizing Blockages
  3. Opening Energy Flow
  4. Spine Gateways
  5. Understanding Trauma
  6. De-armoring
  7. Understanding the Field
  8. Group Sessions Facilitation
  9. Private Sessions Facilitation 
  10. Online Sessions Facilitation
  11. Important Precautions 

Module 2: Hands-On Training

5 days of in-person training includes:

  • Facilitating group sessions
  • Conducting private sessions
  • Learning how to facilitate energy
  • Learning  how to find the access points
  • Learning how to recognize the wave
  • Learning how to work with the body

Module 3: Practitioner Hub

Online practitioner hub offers:

  • Access to valuable resources
  • Community engagement
  • Monthly Zoom calls for collaboration and skill enhancement
  • Ongoing support to continuously upgrade skills and knowledge
  • In-person gatherings to stay connected and collaborate

Join us in 2024 for a transformative journey that combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques, equipping you to become a skilled practitioner in the realms of energy, healing, and personal growth. Fill the form below and get on the list for 2024 Training.

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